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The State of Oregon is particularly aggressive in fighting diploma mills The Oregon Department of Education has published this list of known or suspected.

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Apr 24, , This list of state universities and colleges is provided by the State of Alaska's Department of , Degree/Diploma Mills and Accreditation Mills.

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used to try to identify a diploma mill have been scattered and disorganized so it , I have compiled a list of several other lists of bogus institutions, diploma mills.

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Diploma Mills and fake degrees make all institutions and degrees suspect , The Arkansas Department of Higher Education maintains a list of the colleg.

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2 Diploma and Accreditation Mills: New Trends in Credential Abuse , dcsfgovuk/recognisedukdegrees/indexcfm?fuseaction=institutlist (Accessed.

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Degree/Diploma Mills are organizations whose only purpose is to take your , Commission on Higher Education web site that lists all institutions authorized to.

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The Australian, Australia's national daily newspaper, has (on Sept 2) published its own list of what they call diploma mills: nearly 200 of them.

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Nov 16, , BBB Warns the Community to Beware of Diploma Mills , These include a page for the library, a list of classes, a staff directory, advising, and.

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The following list of both scam schools and diploma mills should help you quickly identify schools that you either definitely do not want to deal with, or simply.

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Feb 2, , However, it is not an exhaustive list Be aware that the schools listed are not all necessarily diploma mills Also, a school should not be.

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Diploma, degree and accreditation mills mislead and harm In the US , Does the operation fail to provide a list of its faculty and their qualifications? Does the.

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Jun 25, , Armed with a list of suspected diploma mills, a pair of Chronicle reporters began searching for mentions of them on the web pages of college.

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Aug 30, , Fake universities and diploma mills in India Published on , motachashma/articles/list-of-fake-universities-in-india-by-ugc.

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Diploma mills, often with official-looking seals, some with pictures of , You can find a list of Illinois colleges and universities at Illinois Institution List To file a.

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Apr 10, , Hundreds of diploma mill "schools" offer fake degrees in exchange for cash payments Others offer a substandard education with a minimal.

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Apr 5, , Several directories of known diploma mills list this school “operating illegally in Connecticut” Suffield's site offers a list of majors including Fire.

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Jun 20, , Not all diploma mills are the same: Some simply forge degrees and transcripts from , Both sites have searchable databases that list accredited.

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Webster's Third New International Dictionary defines "diploma mill" as "an , Check with the US Department of Education for a list of recognized accreditors.

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Diploma mills (or degree mills) are substandard or fraudulent “colleges” that offer , Does the operation fail to provide a list of its faculty and their qualifications?.

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Jul 2, , Diploma mills are almost as old as the university itself , The program found hundreds of people listing AUOL degrees in their profiles on social.

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This is a list of colleges, seminaries, and universities that do not have educational accreditation , Some unaccredited institutions are fraudulent diploma mills.

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Diploma mills are a real concern for online college students , state, "earn a degree from a prestigious, non-accredited university," and list only a phone number.

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Sep 23, , Degree mills and accreditation mills mislead and harm , This database lists approximately 6,900 postsecondary educational institutions and programs, each of , FTC Consumer Alert: Diploma Mills: Degrees of Deception.

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Apr 17, , Diploma mill is a fully apt term (though seen as pejorative by the cranks , In the US the Secretary of Education maintains a list of recognized.

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A diploma or degree mill is an entity that sells postsecondary credentials without , In many jurisdictions inside and outside the United States, diploma mills are illegal , www2edgov/about/offices/list/ous/international/usnei/us/frauddoc.

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Poor Quality, Diploma Mill MBA Schools , As an employer, I'm amazed to see how many job applicants list phony or crappy MBA's on their resum If you get a.

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May 11, , government has paid for degrees from diploma mills and other , Management (OPM)—provide us with a list of senior employees, level GS.